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About Adoption NSW

adoptive parents

Adoption NSW was born out of a frustration for what can sometimes seem like an impossible task when navigating the adoption process. Adopting a family member or your step-child is one of the most important and fulfilling decisions you can make in your lifetime and we have found on too many occasions that the process can be daunting and as a result, expensive.

This website and its guides have been put together by independent industry experts to simply help you along the way. The advice given is general and is intended for the more straight forward adoption cases, if your case may become more complex the experts we introduce you to through our site will offer specific advice in relation to your personal circumstances.


We hope you find the information as useful as the many adoptive parents who have had success using our services. Many hours of experts time have gone into ensuring our adoption kits are both complete and user friendly to achieve your goals.

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