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I've raised my stepdaughter 

 since she was 18 months old  

 she calls me dad 

and I view her as my daughter 

 I want to be legally known as  

 her father  

Adoption NSW is a great place to start your important and sometimes overwhelming journey to adopting someone you love and cherish and want to be legally known as their parent.

We hope to provide the necessary information and support to help you navigate the adoption process for a successful and fulfilling outcome


Step dad quotes

  Phillip Mayer, 35 

family lawyers sydney

  Noni Faraji, 25  

adopting a child

  Peter Varela, 43  

With Adoption NSW, there was no need to worry about the adoption process.

I felt the information provided all in one place was excellent. Their network of qualified experts is what really helped with my step parent adoption. ”

I had paid over $15,000 to my family lawyer and still hadn't got the correct information. It was the assessor who directed me to Adoption NSW and I am glad he did. I bought the guide and completed the adoption process myself 

My lawyer had been a friend for years but paying for his time became expensive as he wasn't an expert in adopting a child so had to check everything twice, Adoption NSW introduced me to an expert who simply knew what I needed

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