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Child under 18 years old

Representing yourself in an adoption case can be effective, time and cost saving in what would be classed as non-complex, straightforward matters. Our kits are designed just for you!


If you answer yes to any of the following, the kit may not be appropriate in your case and further advice from our legal experts would be recommended.

1. Are there any court rulings/judgments/orders in place regarding the child, such as a ‘no fly order’?

2. Is the child or their birth parents of an Aboriginal background? 

3. Is the child’s birth parent likely to contest an adoption application?

4. Does the child’s birth parent live overseas?


Before proceeding, please ensure you meet the following criteria:

1. Will the child have been living in NSW for three months prior to the adoption application being filed at court?

2. Will the applicants (proposed adoptive parents) be domiciled in NSW?

3. Is the relationship of the proposed adopter to child that of a brother, sister, aunt, uncle or grandparent? 

4. Have the proposed adoptive parent and child had an established relationship of at least two years duration?

5. Have the proposed adopters and the child’s birthparents had open discussions about a possible adoption for the child?

6. Is the proposed adopter at least 21 years old and at least 18 years older than the child?


If you answered no to any of the above questions, please note that you have not met the legal requirements of an intrafamily adoption application. Please contact one of our legal experts


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