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DIY Adoption Kits

Welcome to Adoption NSW Step Parent Adoption DIY kits. We hope you find your chosen kit extremely useful as you take those important steps towards what will be a significant milestone in your life.


The kits have been compiled by a number of industry experts who have many years experience in their field of adopting children in Australia and all share the same opinion that traditional methods and some legal practices are no longer offering a service that is fit for purpose or cost effective as you navigate what can be a complex adoption process.

Many of our experts recall stories from clients who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on family law fees only to find out they were not entirely necessary. We have broken down the process into simple to follow steps to enable you to work through it using just this guide, your own time and possibly some help from our adoption experts as you require.

The adoption kits are specific to your requirements depending on your circumstances. Following the download of your kit, you will receive an introduction to one of our registered adoption experts.


If you feel your adoption application may be contested by other birth parents or may become complicated you can simply purchase vouchers for legal advice from one of our panel of dedicated specialist adoption lawyers. These lawyers are experts in the adoption process so they know the system in depth and can offer advice accordingly. MORE INFORMATION 


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