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It Takes Two: Strengthen Your Family by Putting Your Romantic Relationship First

Living in a blended family isn’t always a walk in the park. Everyone involved is going to go through challenges, but one of the most common casualties? Your relationship with your partner.

But does that matter if I’m still being a good parent? Well, those kids are going to grow up and leave the nest one day, and it will be just you and your spouse or partner left. After putting in all that effort to be great parents, it’d be tough to realise that the two of you don’t have much left in common, which means it’s time to start putting your relationship with your partner first.

Does that mean you love them more than the kids? No! Putting your partner first means that you consider their needs and desires before making decisions that will affect your family. It means spending some more time on your relationship because that’s the reason you even have a family in the first place.

But we get that the extra pressure and stress can strain any relationship. Here are eight tips to help turn things around so you can enjoy a strong, solid partnership.

8 tips to strengthen your relationship with your partner

  1. Invest in some alone time at least once a week. Share a cup of coffee in the morning, take an evening walk, go to a movie – give yourselves the chance to reconnect! Don’t forget to add in a date night or two!

  2. Become a team and work together as much as you can. It doesn’t matter if you’re the biological parent or the step-parent – you both want to love and provide for your kids! Take the time to figure out household rules, family values and discipline strategies together.

  3. Show some respect and support not just to your partner but to their family as well, including their ex-partner. When problems arise (and they will), try to see things from your partner’s point of view.

  4. Put up a unified front – especially in front of the kids. Don’t fight or argue with each other. Support your partner’s decisions, and make time to talk to them alone if you feel you need to.

  5. Communicate but listen first. Take time to have family discussions where you can bring up issues, challenges, comments and anything that’s been on your mind. Be open and honest but keep things respectful and judgment-free.

  6. Don’t skip the small stuff –  a little thank you can go a long way.

  7. Be patient. Blending a family takes years – it won’t happen overnight, so don’t compare yourself to other parents or families. Cut yourself (and your partner and kids) some slack – no one is perfect!

  8. Remember why you chose them – and don’t forget to let them know how important they are to you.

Strong bonds, strong families

Want to show your kids what a good relationship looks like? Put your partner first.

When you keep your romantic bond strong and vital, it isn’t just great for you and your partner – it also benefits your entire family! A strong bond reduces stress, shows commitment, opens up opportunities for growth, makes you a better parent, and so much more.

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